At Gingerbread we are very dedicated to early education and our VPK program. VPK stands for Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program that is offered to all children in Florida who turn 4 years of age by the first day of September. This program was created to prepare every four year old in Florida for Kindergarten.

By the time a child is five years old the most important growth and development of the brain has occurred. It has been documented that structured early learning develops the ability to be attentive and to follow directions. When a child participated in early childhood education programs such as VPK they are better prepared for kindergarten because of the pre reading skills, pre math skills, and social skills that they have been exposed to throughout the year. It has been proven that this program builds a strong foundation for students as they begin their educational journey.

Here at Gingerbread we make sure that our VPK program is structured with several multisensory and hands on learning opportunities. We believe that since children have various learning styles they learn best by doing. We give our students ample opportunities to learn in various different ways throughout the course of the day. It is our goal to foster a love for learning in our students and we are able to achieve this through activities that captivate their interests and arouse their curiosity.

We have a fabulous team of teachers in our VPK department that work with each other as well as with the parents and the students in order to ensure educational success in our classroom.