Ms. Jilma

I suppose it can be said that children and families are my heart. I am the mother of ten children so Gingerbread Christian Academy is simply and extension of what I have spent a life time doing. I find it both a pleasure and a privilege when parents entrust the care of their children to me It is my philosophy that life is a journey; each day is a new adventure bringing with it many opportunities to meet new faces and learn new things. At times the day may have its challenges but I have found that if I choose, I will always find opportunities to share my faith and love for the Lord, even if it’s through a simple hug.

I enjoy laughing and listening to children with all of their cute antics. I count it great joy when the students come to me all excited and are willing to share their interests with me. Reading to children is probably one of my favorite pass times because through books we can open the doors of discovery. I find it almost magical to see children get wrapped up into a story line. I will also say that handing out stickers every day has not only dubbed me with the title “Sticker Lady” but it has given me and extra measure of pleasure…who would have guessed that giving a sticker would be so rewarding!