Summer Camp

Camp Gingerbread is an action packed, fun filled learning place to spend your summer days!

Weekly themes include theme related activities, movies, books, songs, food crafts, and field trips. Themes change from summer to summer but previously themes have included weeks such as “Farms and Farmers” and “Amphibians and Reptiles.”


During Farms and Farmers week we visited a U-Pick Blackberry Farm where we picked blackberries and saw mules, ducks, and turkeys. We also got to visit a U-Pick Blueberry Farm where we picked blueberries and learned about growing a variety of vegetables and figs.Back at Camp Gingerbread we planted flowers on our campus, vegetable seeds in containers, and scratched up a small wildflower area. gingerbreadweb2We read books on farming and took turns sharing facts about gardening.

For Amphibians and Reptiles week we had tadpoles in our room and got to watch them grow intofrogs and set them free. We took a trip to a local pet store where we were able to see and touch many different animals, including snakes!gingerbreadweb3 We also visited a local park where we searched for for amphibians and reptiles and we successfully located a few alligators. Finally, we made edible frogs out of oreos, pretzels, and smarties.

Not only do we carry out our weekly themes we also take traditional summer trips, like swimming, parks, skating, movies, and bowling.
As a Christian Center we also have a weekly Bible verse that connects with the theme and encourage Bible verse memorization with a star chart. This just scratches the surface of the many activities we offer at Camp Gingerbread. C’mon and join the fun!